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The Changing Perspectives Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

*Spoiler Alert*

Special Guest Co-Host Jacob joins Josh to chat all about the plentiful and nerd-worthy Star Wars Easter Eggs scattered throughout the first two episodes of the Mandalorian season 2!  How many did you spot?  Strap on your beskar and tune into this pint-sized pop culture review!

Sep 28, 2020

Alexis?!  Jenni and Josh drop another pop culture episode!  Emmy juggernaut Schitts Creek quickly became one of the hosts' favorite shows.  The Rose family stole their hearts and made them LOL!  Join in on the discussion as they review the much loved series!  SPOILERS!

Show Notes:

10 of the Best Episodes - Pop Sugar

Apr 20, 2020

Having quickly become the king of the docuseries and a gold-mine for Netflix, Tiger King has even infiltrated the airwaves of Changing Perspectives!  Join Jenni and Josh as the chat about the streaming juggernaut!  Spoilers Abound, cool cats and kittens!

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Dec 31, 2019

SPOILER ALERT!  This is the way.  Join Josh and guest-host/Star Wars fan Jacob as they share their thoughts on season 1 of The Mandalorian!    A Pint-Sized galactic episode just for you to help ring in the new year!  I have spoken.   

Jul 18, 2019

Are you an honorary member of the Hawkins AV Club?  Tune in this week to talk all about Stranger Things Season 3!  Jenni and Josh discuss their favorite things about the hit Netflix sci-fi, adventure series!  80's nostalgia, story arcs, production design, and of course, the topic of grief and loss in the small Indiana...