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The Changing Perspectives Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

Happy new year from the CP podcast!  Join Jenni and Josh as they ring in 2020 with a discussion about resolutions for your relationship!  For their first episode of the new year, your favorite married podcasters discuss creating a shared vision with your partner and highlight the Gottman Institute's...

Dec 31, 2019

SPOILER ALERT!  This is the way.  Join Josh and guest-host/Star Wars fan Jacob as they share their thoughts on season 1 of The Mandalorian!    A Pint-Sized galactic episode just for you to help ring in the new year!  I have spoken.   

Dec 24, 2019

'Tis the season!  Jenni and Josh are back!  And just in time for some yule-tide cheer!  Are you a cotton-headed, ninny muggins?  Have you ever asked Santa for a red ryder BB gun?  If you answered yes (or just felt joy reading those words) then this episode is for you!  Tune in to join the discussion!  


Show Notes:

Nov 27, 2019

Changing Perspectives is back!  Jenni and Josh are excited to be in the studio once again!  But, where were they?  Tune in to find out and learn why your favorite show was on hiatus!  Lean into it!


show notes:

Nov 25, 2019

Jenni and Josh are back!  The hiatus is over!  They kick things off with a celebration of Changing Perspectives.  Jenni and Josh each share their Top 5 (sort of) episodes thus far!  Join in the discussion and find out how Josh's favorite episode surprises Jenni!

Show notes: