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The Changing Perspectives Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

Parenting Teens is messy.  Well, teens are just pretty messy in general.  But parenting them is a whole other level of crazy.  But, we can learn a lot from these young humans and the journey that is parenting them.  Join Jenni and Josh as they discuss the joys of learning new dances and buying lots of cereal.  



Oct 7, 2019

Did you know it was National Pitbull Awareness Month?  Join in on the conversation about the snuggly, wiggly, silly, and totally misunderstood pitbull!  Jenni and Josh share stories about their pibbles and try to offer a different perspective for those who are leery about the lovable breed.  

Show Notes:

Sep 16, 2019

Where's Jenni?  For the first time, Josh is joined by Changing Perspectives Associate Producer Jacob as co-host!  They talk all about their favorite sport, football!  College football, the NFL, fantasy football, playing football and much more!  They discuss their favorite players and teams!  Tune in and join the...

Sep 12, 2019

Does your call smell because of stinky pads and sweaty jerseys?  Are you drowning in empty water bottles?  On the weekends, do you live out of a canvas bag packed with snacks, sunblock, bug spray, a first aid kit, sunflower seeds, and an umbrella?  Then you're most likely a sports parent!  Join Jenni and Josh as they...

Aug 15, 2019

Summer is supposed to be a time of epic fun and relaxation, right? Where does this belief come from and how does it translate into pressure today? If the pressure to plan the perfect summer for your family ever leaves you feeling like you've just become a cruise director, then tune into today's episode to explore...